Castle of Cards

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Castle of Cards Game Online - Play Free Fun Card Web Games

Castle of Cards is a fun, online card stacking game that requires logic and helps develop thinking skills. Your aim is to collect as many points possible while building a house of cards with the least number of cards wasted. You can choose to play a Practice or a Level mode. There are many different levels to choose from (Pyramide, Sphinks, La Tour feel, Bermuda Triangle etc.). If you choose to play Level mode, you must pass each level at least once in order to go to the next level or to play any previous ones. A larger house of cards has to be built with each level you reach. Have Fun!

How to Play the free Castle of Cards web game

Use your mouse to play this free online game. To make a card pair, click on two cards of the same suit or value and place it on the black lines behind the row of cards. When all the black lines are filled, you have to place “beams” (ceiling). Important: Pairs must be supported underneath by other pairs that are of equal or larger value, as otherwise, the pair will crumble and the house (castle) may fall. Beams can be of any value. Pairs of value 20 are called 'Balsa Wood' and have a special supporting feature - They can be placed on top of other pairs of any value. Pairs of value 21 are 'Cement'. They can be placed anywhere and will reinforce any pairs below. If a joker is drawn, the top level of the house is blown away. Two or more Jokers in your hand will blow away the entire house, and the web game is over.

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