Fairway Solitaire

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Are you ready for a fun cards game that combines a form of the classic card game, Solitaire, with golf? Fairway Solitaire is an unusual card game for "Kids of all ages" where you have to score as many points 'under par' as possible by eliminating cards from a large solitaire-style grid of cards. Set on a series of increasingly challenging golf 'holes', each level is a true test of your strategic card playing skills! You have to contend with tricky formations, bonus cards, special golf-related extras, and more! Ok Card Tiger, it's time to play your shots right! Have Fun!

How to Play Fairway Solitaire game

Use your mouse to play this free online game. In each 'Course', there are 3 solitaire-style levels (Holes) to complete. At the end of the 3 Holes, if your score is Even Par or better (under par), you progress to the next Course. On each hole, you start off a long way 'Over Par', and have to improve your score by eliminating cards from the grid. Your 'Hole Card' is located beside the deck at the bottom of the game screen. This Hole Card dictates which cards can be removed from the grid at any one time. To eliminate a card from the main grid, Left Click on a card either 1 higher, or 1 lower than your Hole Card. For example; if it is a Jack, you can eliminate any 10's or Queens that are available on the main grid. Each time you eliminate a card, your score in the top left corner of the game screen reduces by one stroke (it reduces by more if you go on a run of eliminating cards consecutively.) If you are stuck, and can find no card within 1 of your Hole Card, click on the deck of cards at the bottom of the game screen to get a fresh one. The level is complete when you run out of Hole Cards, or when you eliminate all of the cards from the main grid. At the end of the 3 levels, your score is added together. If this comes to Even Par or better, you progress to the next course.

The Later Levels of Fairway Solitaire

In later levels, there are special Bonus cards that can be used. Clicking on an 'Iron Card' places a random club in your bag in the bottom right corner. The number on this Iron can be used as a Hole Card whenever you like. If you click on a 'Chance Card', you can choose to 'Play' or 'Drop' it. If you Play, it could turn out be a good or bad result. If you 'Drop' it, one normal card is eliminated from the Deck. If you want to undo your last action, click on the 'Mulligan' button. This can only be called upon once, so use it wisely.

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