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Pokanoid Game Online - Play Free Fun Card Web Games

Do you think you're a Poker Whizz? Ever wondered if there was a game that combined retro arcade action with your favorite card game? Well here you go, Card Player! Pokanoid is a fun online card game for kids, teens and grown-ups that combines classic, pinball-style game-play with playing poker! Collect the best hands and score points in this addicting web game that will test your reflexes as well as your poker knowledge. There's no gambling or betting chips, just good old-fashioned card playing fun! You have to use a pinball-type bat to bounce a ball at a grid of playing cards. When you hit a card once with the ball, it reveals the card. Then, hit it again to send the card falling towards you. Catch it with your bat to add it to your poker hand. Your mission is to try and collect the best poker hand from the cards you collect! It's time to get collecting – let's go for the Royal Flush in Pokanoid! Have Fun!

How to Play the Retro Arcade Pokanoid Card game

Use your mouse to play this free online game. Using your computer mouse, move the bat along the bottom of the game screen. Keep deflecting the ball toward the cards at the top of the game screen. As cards drop towards you, catch them with your bat to collect them. Collect 5 cards to make a poker hand. If that hand is good – you score points. If it's not good – you don't score points. If you let the ball past the bat – you lose a life. Be careful, because the ball comes back at you quicker each time you hit it. Try to collect the best poker hand from the different types of 5-card hands. There are 9 different types, here they are in order of value: Pair (two of the same card); Two pair (two different pairs); Three of a kind (three of the same card); Straight (five cards in a row – e.g. 4,5,6,7,8); Flush (five cards all of the same suit); Full House (three of a kind AND a pair); Four of a kind (four of the same card); Straight Flush (five cards in a row of the same suit); Royal Flush (the five highest cards of the same suit, in a row). For each hand you collect, you score points. Earn the most points for a high-scoring hand like a Straight Flush. Tip: Try to collect power-up cards as you go along. Some power-up cards give you extra lives, others give you double points.

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