Butterfly Mahjong

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Butterfly Mahjong Game Online - Play Free Mahjong Web Board Games

Butterfly Mahjong is a great free online mahjong game, and it comes with a revolutionary theme or concept. As with all other mahjong games, you are supposed to remove the tiles from the Butterfly Mahjong game by pairing up those with similar symbols; the tiles must have at least one side free; whether the left or the right. Now this free online game uses a new concept based on its theme. The tiles are arranged in form of a pyramid and they all have the symbols of butterfly larvae. When you click on them, they turn over and become dark, and they also have the symbols of a pupa. As you go on pairing the tiles, and they too turn into pupae, the others begin turning back, and this time they have a beautiful butterfly waving its wings at the top. This means that the pupae has emerged from the cocoon and is ready to fly. When this happens, and you pair them again, the butterflies will actually fly off the screen. This is a great way of keeping someone entertained. At least you know that you have to interact with the tiles twice; once in the larvae form and once when the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The Butterfly Mahjong game has a timer and the bonus you get will depend on how fast you can clear the tiles. Since you have to interact twice with each tile, the game gives you 30 minutes for each level; unlike the 15 minutes that most games give. There is a pause button which you can use if you have to attend to another matter briefly and then you can get back to the game. Avoid the use of the hint button since it will cost you heavily; the same can be said for the use of the shuffle button. Have Fun!

How to play our Butterfly Mahjong flash game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

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Do you like to solve mahjong puzzles, and also to play free mahjong games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Butterfly Mahjong game online. Am I right? ;)

Mahjong promote family ties, sharpness of the mind and also peace

Picture a situation where there are four lovely old ladies playing a game of mahjong; there are others who are also watching. All of a sudden the water pipe bursts and the ladies have to call in the plumbers. However, the game continues, and when the plumbers come, the ladies and their audience is almost knee deep in water. The ladies look up and one asks the plumbers why it took them that long to come. This is a reverence that the game of Mahjong is given among the Chinese. It is said to promote family ties, sharpness of the mind and also peace; this leads to longevity in life. Not many people understand this deep-rooted culture of playing mahjong. It is a tile game in which you have to make certain matches and there are several combinations, but the best will always shout mahjong and the game would end. The other players' scores are also recorded; after a while the final score is taken and you get you positions. Mahjong solitaire will also give you the peace of mind and also promote good mental health as you use your mind in deciding which tiles to remove; play this free online mahjong game whenever you can.

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