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Welcome to Crystal Hexajong, a free online mahjong games that comes with a tiny little twist. Crystal Hexajong is a mahjong game that uses hexagons instead of using rectangular tiles. Traditionally, mahjong games use rectangular tiles which usually have symbols on them. The symbols could be the original Chinese symbols, or other pictures; although pictures are used, they usually have a theme such as pets etc. The hexagons in the Crystal Hexajong game do not have any symbols and you are supposed to pair them off base on the color that they have. This means that you can play the game without having to strain as you would in the traditional mahjong setting. The only way you can remove tiles is by getting those that have three sides free. This presents a special challenge since you now have to work your way inwards making sure that you do not get stuck. If you cannot find any matching tiles, you can use the hint button to highlight those that you can remove. You can also use the shuffle button when you are sure that there are no more moves left, and all the tile color left will have their colors changed. The hint and shuffle button attract penalties and you should not use them unless you absolutely have to; with such a simple version of mahjong, these button will rarely be used, if ever. The Crystal Hexajong game has a timer so you must watch the time. You ca clear the tiles very fast so you need not worry about the timer too much; the 5 minutes given is more than enough for even the newest of mahjong players. Crystal Hexajong is a great game which will ensure that you have a lot of fun, and while you are at it see if you can become a leader in the high scores section. Have Fun!

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Do you like to solve mahjong puzzles, and also to play mahjong games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Crystal Hexajong game online. Am I right? ;)

People keep coming back Mahjong

For many mahjong players, using different kinds of tiles is usually a welcome deviation from the norm. Mahjong games vary quite a lot all over the world. The one thing that they have tried to maintain is the rectangular tiles and also the symbols on the faces. The free online mahjong games have come up with a lot of variations in an effort to rope in more players. There are games that use crates and others that behave like a bejeweled game. However, using hexagons is a new thing and the fact that so many sides have to be free in order to remove them makes it more of a challenge. Playing this game is an experience unto itself because you clear the board so effortlessly that you are tempted to go for more levels, ultimately in the hope of getting a level that will prove to be a great challenge to you. When you have played to the last level, you can post your scores so that other players can see how well you have done. Looking at the high scores you can see that some of the players keep coming back to this game because it is that great.

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