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Lemon Jong Game Online - Play Free Mahjong Flash Web Games

Lemon Jong is a well designed free online mahjong game. The design of the tiles is very authentically vintage. The tiles look faded like they have seen better days in the years past. The Lemon Jong game will give you pointers as you go along, so it is suited for people who are just starting off with the game. The images are also not traditional, even though they seem to be of eastern culture. The Lemon Jong game can make you lack moves if you are not careful. The best strategy is to take care of the tiles which are in the tall towers first. Whenever you do this, you cannot be wrong. You start off with 100,000 points and you lose 50 points for every second that you take. This means that speed is important. You must have keen eyesight and be able to move the mouse fast. Most people will prefer a game such as this one since it has a sense of urgency. It is a challenging game, and for those who want to sharpen their online mahjong skills, then competitive games such as this one are the best. It must be said that the design of this free online game is one its most appealing features. The fact that the tiles are not glaring white, and they do not have confusing colors, it is much easier to se them. Perhaps the original designers of the Lemon Jong game knew that color would make it more challenging and confusing. In this case everything is toned down, with the images having been made in a dark grey color; it is easy on the eyes, and one finds the tiles every easily. Play Lemon Jong and experience a free mahjong game which is competitive and also easy on the eyes; you will not be suffering much from scanning the tiles too much. Have Fun!

How to play our Lemon Jong flash game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

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Do you like to solve mahjong puzzles, and also to play mahjong games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Lemon Jong game online. Am I right? ;)

How to become a great Mahjong Player

Becoming a mahjong player is not an easy task. The physical game has a lot of rules and one has to know how to play the sets. The real mahjong is about getting a complete set; when the game begins, you are given 36 tiles as a whole, and you have to create a mahjong set before your opponents do. They say that speed is of the essence in this case, and that you should also have a strategy. The strategy is called tile efficiency, when you know which tiles you should discard and which ones you should keep. Do not forget that the opponent can also pick up one of the tiles and add it to their stack. All in all, a set of Chinese mahjong tiles come to 144 and the American one comes to 156. However, when playing free online mahjong games, you do not have to worry about the tiles, you only have to know how you are going to remove them. This can prove to be taxing if you are not at getting details. Secondly, most games use the traditional Chinese imagery and these can be misleading; play and see if you have what it takes to beat the game.

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