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Bloboku Board Game Online - Play Free Bloboku Color Sudoku Game

It looks like sudoku, but in this game you play with colors. It is a game of colorful conundrum set on every place in a row or column a different color. To play Bloboku, you begin with a few colored blob tils. These are hints to guide you toward solving the puzzle. You will noticed that the board is split into squares of 4 or 9. You must figure out how to use a different colored tile for each of these squares without using that same color twice in each row or column. It's harder than it looks. If you are new, you click "show hint" to get help at any time. You can also click "show solutions" to see the puzzle's answer. There are 3 difficulty levels, first time we recommend you to try "easy", then as you get a hang of it try a harder difficulty level. Have Fun!

Play the Fun Bloboku Sudoku Game today online for free

Do you love colors, and enjoy to solve Sudoku puzzles? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Bloboku board game online.

How to play our free Bloboku game online

Use your mouse to navigate menus and select colors in this color blob Sudoku puzzle.

What is a Blob

A blob is a drop of a thick liquid or other viscous substance or could also mean spots of color on. In computer science a blob is short for a binary large object, which is a collection of binary data stores as a single entity in data management system. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects.

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