Sushi Sudoku

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Sushi Sudoku Game Online - Play Free Sudoku Sushi Board Games

Finally a board game that makes you crave raw fish. Play Sudoku with a great Sushi assortment, as the numbers are replaced with Sushi. Every type of Sushi can be place only once in each row, column, and block. Have Fun!

Play Sushi Sudoku Board Game today online for free

Do you like to eat sushi, find it entertaining to solve Sudoku puzzles, and also enjoy to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Sushi Sudoku game online.

How to play Sushi Sudoku online

Use your mouse to play this online game. Fill each row, column and tinted square set with numbers, characters or sushi pieces and be careful to use them only once!

Why Sushi is a good for you

Avaliable in every High Street food store, and a lunchtime favourite among office workers, sushi could be providing more than a tasty lunch. Scientists believe it is one of the reasons why the Japanese are among the most healthy people in the world. On average, the Japanese diet - raw fish, vegetables and rice - contains only 30pc fat, most of it the healthier polyunsaturated variety. As a result, their rates of heart disease are among the lowest in the world. Recently, scientists in Japan found that sushi dishes - flavoured parcels of rice with raw fish and vegetables - could even protect smokers against lung cancer. On average, each person in Japan consumes around 100 grams of fish every day, in forms such as sushi, tempura and sashimi. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are linked to heart protection and improved circulation.

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