Kick the Word

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Kick the Word Game Online - Play Free Kick the Word Board Game

Kick the word is an online game with words. Goal of the game is to find the word which is the odd one out and kick it. For example, Piranha, Penguin, Chicken, Duck. Piranha is the odd one out here because it's fish and the rest are birds. Within your time limit your goal is to solve as many groups of words as possible. It is a simple concept, but a quite fun and challenging online puzzle game. Have Fun!

Play Kick the Word Game online today

Do you like to solve word puzzles, and also to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Kick the Word game online.

How to play Kick the Word game online

Use your mouse to play this game. For each correct answer you get gems and bonus time.

The Definition of Kick - What does it mean

Kick is a verb which could be use both with or without an object. You can kick someone in the shims or maybe just be kicking a ball. It can also be used without an object, i.e. To resist or complain: What's he got to kick about? The word kick can also be a noun, i.e. That horse has a mean kick. A well known English idiom is "kick the bucket", it is considered a euphemistic, informal, or slang term meaning to die. The origin of the word kick is uncertain, but some researches think it dates back to the Scandinavian Vikings. There is an old norse word kikna, which means bend backwards or sink at the knees.

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