- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our website or any of our free online board games? Then you have arrived at the right page.

Does it cost anything to play these games?

No, it is completely free to play our online games.

Do I have to register to play these web games?

No, just play and have fun.

I went to one of your pages to play an online game but it doesn't show up?

Most likely your web browser is waiting for your approval, and are temporally blocking it, you will need to "enable the Adobe flash player". In most web browser this is done with just one click.

I enabled flash player in my web browser but the game still don't work.

We pull games from servers all over the world, sometimes it happens that a server is done, or their could be a slow connection at the time you went to page preventing the game from loading. We recommend you to refresh the page in your web browser to reload it, the best way to do this is by holding down CTRL + F5.

When all your online games are free, how are you making money?

The only income we get is from the web banner advertising on our website. It is not much, we can barely afford to cover our hosting expenses.

What do do to protect my child on this website?

We take abuse very seriously and monitor our websites carefully. Our aim is to create an online environment that kids find fun and parents know is safe.

Can I play these flash games on my mobile device?

You are able to play some of our online games on your mobile device. Visit our website using your mobile and try it out for yourself. We are working on adding new online games all the time, so keep coming back to check out our content.

Do you guys give me help and advice on how to play certain games?

We have written down some instructions and descriptions of each online game to help you along. Unfortunately, doesn't offer game-play support. If you're having difficulty with a particular game, we recommend you to search for walk-through tutorials for that particular game on the Internet. You should be able to search find Youtube tutorials for most of these online games on the Internet.

How do I search for a game

We use a customized Google Search which will search our website and our partner websites for the search term you specify. To search for games on the site, click in the Search field in the top navigation bar, and enter your search term. Then click the magnifying glass to perform the search.

Is a safe website?

We make every effort to make a safe and fun place for our online users. If you are a parent supervising a teen on the site, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Internet Safety sections to help your teens stay safe on the site, and the Internet.

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