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Scorpion Solitaire Game Online - Play Free Fun Card Web Games

Scorpion is an online card game that is sometimes known as "Wasp". It's a classic Solitaire (Patience) game that will test your mental ability and stamina. You need to have a keen eye and a cunning mind to succeed! The aim of Scorpion is to sort the cards, so that you have four cards (from King down to Ace) remaining on the table. Unlike the traditional rules (where only Kings can be placed in spaces) with this version, any card can be placed in a space. Scorpion is a sneaky game. It can be tricky and it's very easy to get stung! Be warned! Have Fun!

How to Play classic Scorpion board game

Cards can be moved amongst the stacks. You can move any face-up cards. Any card can be moved onto an empty space. A card can only be moved onto a card of the same suit and of the next-highest rank. Cards can be moved even if there are other cards on top of them, which are not in sequence. The reserve holds three cards; you may deal these onto the end of the first three stacks at any time. You can see your game-playing time and deal reserve in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen.

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