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Block Party is a different kind of board game. This is a free flash game that is similar to Ludo in a way but the outcome is not always so simple. In Block Party, you meet the crew from nickelodeon and you help them in doing a lot of stuff while they are on their adventure. The Block Party game is played using dice and you roll the dice and then you move the number of place that the dice has asked you. If you land on an empty spot, then you have to wait for your next turn. However, you may land on a riddle that you need to solve before the web game can proceed. You may also come across a mathematical question and you have to answer so that you can move along. It would be surprising if you came across a question that you could not answer, given that these are questions that would be answered by any child. Block Party has these characters that make it so much livelier. The characters of the free web game pop up and ask the questions and you answer them in order to move on. The Block Party game has levels and the complexity of the quizzes increase as you move up the levels. Block Party is a great web game for children when they want to test their knowledge of issues about the world and also about nickelodeon too. This is a game that will encourage children to study since they may have to refer to the internet if they do not know some of the answers. Block Party is a free web game that combines a traditional roll-the-dice-and-move board game, into one that makes the player really think and interact with the web game properly. This is a flash game that will encourage the development of mentally acuity and make a dull person start understanding the need to study. Have Fun!

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Do you have a passion for dice based board games, and do you also enjoy to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Block Party game online. Am I right? ;)


Nickelodeon is a company that many people know and they have many games and programs that are enjoyed by both young and old. Not all games depicting their characters are developed by them. The company was originally called Pinwheel, and it developed several characters that people came to love over the years. There are many fun parks that have their characters dressed up and giving the children a great time. The company has been around for many years and there are those who enjoyed the characters when they were children and now they have children of their own. Last year, 85 percent of households in the United States had Nickelodeon on their TV sets. That said it is time that you sharpened your knowledge about many things both in the TV programs, and also in the world, as you navigate the treacherous board. Whenever you roll the dice, you had better pray that you will land on an empty spot; but where is the fun in that. The fun of the game is to get questions and puzzles that will really make you think hard. When you solve them, you will be very proud. Encourage children to play too; it will be for their own mental good.

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