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Draughts Game

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Draughts is also known as English checkers. It's a strategy board game that is played by two players on the opposite side of the board. The object of draughts is to capture all your opponent's pieces, or to prevent your opponent from being able to move any of their pieces. The player can only move their piece diagonally and can capture opponent's piece by jumping over it. The piece will then be removed from the game and the square will become vacant. Players will take turns, and only the black squares are used in the game. The player who will have no more pieces remaining loses the game. Play now and see if you can win on easy, medium or hard mode!

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How to Play Draughts Game

Use your mouse or tap your finger to interact. You can move your men each turn one move diagonally forward. That can either be diagonally to the left or diagonally to the right as long as you don't move outside of the board. The square you move to also has to be empty. Capturing is possible if a man of your opponent is standing next to one of yours (diagonally in any of the 4 directions) and the square behind that man is empty. You make a king when your man finishes his move on the top row of the board either by a move or a capture.

The Origin of Draughts - Four Thosand Years Ago

A primitive board game with the leap capture existed already forty centuries ago. People in Africa moved stones or shells on lines drawn in the sand. Just like we do, they took a piece by leaping over it. This game was not yet draughts, for the pieces moved in any direction and the game did not include promotion. Draughts was born between 2000 and 1500 BC, when an African devised the promotion. From this moment on moving and taking backwards was only permitted with a piece which had penetrated into the opponent's base row. The new game was played on a latticed board with 25 points, the two players each started with 12 pieces, see the plate below. This board was incised into the roofing slabs of the temple of Luxor, built on the western side of the Nile about 1500 BC.

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