Mate in One Move Game

Mate in One Move Game

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Mate in One Move is a puzzle game of chess where you have to take only one move to execute a check mate against the opponent. Simply click/tap on the piece then, click/tap the square to where you want to move that piece. You only have one move and it must be enough for a check mate. Are you ready for this unique chess game puzzle? Enjoy playing Mate in One Move.

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How to Play Mate in One Move Game

Use your mouse to play. Click and drag your piece.

What is Chess Mate

Chess Mate (also refereed to as checkmate) is a game position in which a player's king is threatened with capture and there is no way to remove the threat. Checkmating the opponent wins the game. The king is never actually captured, but the game ends as soon as the king is checkmated. In master and serious amateur play, most players resign an inevitably lost game before being checkmated, and it is considered bad etiquette to continue playing in a completely hopeless position.

Can't get enough of Chess, why not solve some Free Puzzles

Those who can't get enough of the game, and also have a passion for it that goes beyond simple one-on-one competition usually play chess puzzles. Unlike playing out a whole game with a competitor, chess puzzles will present a particular scenario on a chess board and challenge a player to perform a particular task with it. This task is often to play as one side (usually white) and try to win the game in a certain number of moves (usually two or three). But there are also other types of chess puzzles that require a player to perform very different kinds of tasks. Remarkably, chess puzzles are about as old as chess itself. Early chess masters of the eighth and ninth centuries composed their own challenges. Chess puzzles are great for developing competitive skills. Some experts say that studying endgame scenarios is the best way for beginners to advance their knowledge of strategy. But other, more advanced puzzles pose scenarios that are statistically improbable - that is, an average game with competent players would never produce them.

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