5 Dice Game

5 Dice Game

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The classic Dice game. Throw the dice and enter your score. Combine the points of the dice to form for instance a full house or a carre. You get the most points when all dice have the same value. The object of the board game is making certain combinations by rolling the dice and score as many points as possible. Every player has three columns for recording the score. The first column counts only once, the second twice and the third even three times. In this way, it looks a bit like triple Yahtzee.

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How to Play 5 Dice Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen on touchscreen devices. This game is about knowing what to keep and what to discard and try again.

Rolling the dice

You start each turn by rolling 5 dice. You can use these immediately, but you can also choose to roll some of the dice again while keeping the others fixed. You can do this again a second time, so you have three attempts. If you are satisfied with your roll, or if you're not but you're not allowed to roll any more, you must record your score on the form. You can't replace a recorded score later on. If you click the button Roll the dice, the dice with the checked box will be rolled again. You can also check/uncheck a box by clicking its die.

5 Dice Strategy

Make sure you record your high scores in the third column, so if you roll five of a kind for the first time, you should put it in the third column. You should also definitely try to score a bonus there. But if you're gonna make that easy, it will pay to put a high score in the second column to score the bonus there also. Try to make your 3 and 4 of a kind scores as high as possible by making them with fives and sixes.

Dice for Playing Games

Dice are used to play several types of games; they are used for board games, gambling and also some games of their own, which means a game where you only need the dice and no other item. In this game, you are only keeping score and nothing else. In other board games, the value is used to advance a token or some other 98tem. In gambling games such as roulette, the dice is used to determine the winner depending on which numbers you have opted to place a bet on. The dice is a poplar tools for gamblers and you may find some being played by young lads on street corners just to while the tile away. The die has 6 sides, and this gives you a 1 in 6 chance of getting the number that you want. The probability decreases as you add the number of dice. If you want to master the art of using dice to your advantage, then you need to understand the probability factor. You have to know how to spread your risk when playing games that use the dice in their play. You must be prudent and sharp. Play this free online multiplayer game and see how you fare against your opponents.

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