Yahtzee Game

Yahtzee Game

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Prepare for an electrifying dice-rolling adventure with Yahtzee, the ultimate board game sensation! In this heart-pounding flash game, your mission is to defy the odds and achieve the most jaw-dropping point score by rolling specific combinations of numbers with five dice. With a thrilling 20 turns at your disposal, you can unleash up to three dice rolls in each round. But the excitement doesn't stop there! At the end of every turn, you must make a strategic choice to secure your score. And don't worry, if luck isn't on your side, those unused rolls are carried over to the next round, fueling your quest for victory. If you've ever been a fan of Yacht or Yahtzee, get ready to have your gaming world rocked by this electrifying online experience. Have Fun!

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How to Play Yahtzee Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play this fun online game.

Basic Strategy of Yahtzee

The following are generally regarded as the basic things to keep in mind while playing Yahtzee. You should generally aim for the 35 points bonus by filling the upper section with high scores. If you roll a combination for which your available boxes give a low score, fill in a zero in the 1's box (or even the 2's or 3's), since high scores in the other boxes may compensate for this. Early in the game you should use the chance box only as a fall-back for when you are trying for a high point combination and fail. You want to keep the chance box available for a situation where your options are very limited. If you have a bad roll of the dice near the end of the game, you may enter a zero in the Yahtzee box or one of the other difficult combinations. If you roll a pair of 1's or 2's early in the game, go for a full house, straight, or one of the other high numbers you rolled. Keeping the 1's or 2's to seek a 3 or 4 of a kind will not get you many points. Plus, it is a good idea to keep the 1's and 2's boxes available for later in the game to have the possibility of putting a zero there. As an example, if on your first turn your initial roll is 1 1 2 5 6, it turns out that keeping only the 5 is the choice that maximizes your expected score for the game.

The Classic Board Game Yahtzee

Yahtzee, a beloved dice game initially created by Milton Bradley (now under the ownership of Hasbro), offers players an engaging and strategic challenge. The primary objective in this enjoyable game is to accumulate points by skillfully rolling five dice to form specific combinations. Each player is allowed up to three rolls in a single turn, endeavoring to achieve various scoring combinations. A full game consists of thirteen rounds, with players selecting a unique scoring category after each round. Once a category is chosen, it cannot be reused throughout the game. The scoring categories boast a range of point values, including both fixed and variable scores based on the dice values. Notably, a Yahtzee, which is when all five dice show the same value, earns the highest points at 50. The ultimate victor is the player who amasses the most points by the game's end. It's worth noting that Yahtzee draws inspiration from a variety of traditional dice games, including Puerto Rican Generala, and English classics such as Poker Dice and Cheerio.

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