EZ-Mahjong Game

EZ-Mahjong Game

EZ-Mahjong Game Online - Play Free Mahjong Board Games

Match the mahjong tiles to complete the set. Score bonus points for finishing the level within a shorter period of time. This addicting html5 game features: Interactive tutorial, relaxing Zen mahjong theme and beautiful classic mahjong graphics. You will also have the ability to undo moves if you can find a better strategy. The online game is pretty fast and easy to play. So, what are you waiting for, get ready to play and have some fun!

13,350 play times

How to Play EZ-Mahjong Game

Use your mouse our touch the screen on a touch screen device. Match the mahjong tiles to complete the set.

Mahjong brings Communities and Families together

Mahjong is a social game and it is used to bring communities and families together. It is a game of wit, and gives people time to have a little chit chat. The game is played on a special table which has clearly demarcated boundaries for the tiles to be placed. It is a game which requires the players to make certain sets with their tiles after which they are awarded points. The person with the highest points in the long run will be declared the winner of the event. Mahjongg can also be a solitaire game, where you play when you are alone. The solitaire game requires you to remove tiles from the piles or stacks which are on the board. You pair the tiles and they are removed and you make your points. Basically all forms of mahjong are very intriguing and they need quick thinking. It is a game that increases the mental sharpness of the player. Whichever one you like, do not forget to always try the free online mahjong games whenever you cannot find someone to play the real life version with. See if you have the temerity to play the online version and complete each board in the time that is allocated to you.

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