Mahjongg Alchemy Game

Mahjongg Alchemy Game

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Mahjongg is a game that originated in ancient China. An American traveler has since then brought it to the West and the game quickly spread throughout the entire Western world. Mahjongg Alchemy is now an adaptation of this game, which is actually a board game. But you can also play this game at home. Mahjongg is played with different stones, on which different symbols are visible. It is a bit like the extremely popular card match game, because you always have to find two stones with the same symbol and then click on them successively. These stones then dissolve and again set free other stones that were previously hidden underneath them. If you are playing the web game for the first time, you should first take a close look at the symbols on the stones. These are actually of Chinese origin in Mahjongg, but in Mahjongg Alchemy these are alchemical symbols. You probably first have to make friends with those, because they are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Alchemy has really only one purpose, namely to make gold out of everything. But Mahjongg Alchemy is about clearing away all the stones. If you were to get stuck in the game, you can get a little help. In this way, the next move will be displayed to you and sometimes you can advance in the game in this manner. So get to it and give it a try, you will see how your concentration increases from time to time. Have Fun!

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How to Play Mahjongg Alchemy Game

Use your mouse or touch your touchscreen device.

Mahjongg is all about dragging and dropping bricks

Mahjongg is a relatively simple game. The aim of the game is to get as complete a game picture as possible by dragging and dropping bricks. You can start dragging from the living end of the wall or dropped stones of players. A complete game image is composed of 14 blocks: a pair and groups of three or four of the same stones or a sequence of consecutive blocks. The first player to achieve a complete game image (with the highest possible score) may call Mahjongg and has won the round. If a lot was previously agreed on, this means that four rounds are to be played.

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