Mystic Mahjong Adventures Game

Mystic Mahjong Adventures Game

Mystic Mahjong Adventures Game - Play Free Mahjong Board Games

It is all about making correct combinations in this fun tile puzzle game. Make sure not to forget to use the bonus tiles. Have fun!

13,559 play times

How to Play Mystic Mahjong Adventures Game

Use your mouse or touch your touchscreen device.

The Fantastic History of the Mahjong game

The game of Mahjong has a fantastic history. This is a game which was believed to have been invented by Confucius; the origins of the game are still a mystery. However, one fact is still undisputed; this was a game that took the world by storm. In China, the game was initially reserved for the high-and-mighty, and one would pay, through the pain of death, if found to be playing the game in some underground place. When people from the West crossed the oceans with the game, they did not expect it to be so popular. After the initial rush to get the game, companies were formed to import it, and it soon flooded through America, Europe and the rest of Asia. After quite a while, this initial popularity petered out, but the game still has some die-hard followers who still play to this day. It had been banned in some countries since it was considered to be a form of gambling, but today, it has been classified as an international game and can be played in any country in the world. There are tournaments organized every year, and the prize money is very attractive, showing that this is indeed a great and hallowed game.

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