Quash Board Game

Quash Board Game

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Quash Board is an easy-to-play (but hard to win) ball board game for young kids and all the family where you have to remove all of the balls from the board in order to win each round before. This is perfect for everyone and is incredibly simple to pay, and will no doubt have you playing for hours! The aim of this game is to knock all the balls off the grid by knocking them into each other, this will send them flying out of the arena! This is not as straight forward as it first seems. You need to be clever in the order that you decide to knock the balls off, you may find that you get stuck and have to restart! This game definitely tests your skills and your puzzle solving abilities! Are you ready? Have fun!

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How to Play Quash Board Game

Use your mouse or touch screen capabilities. ou need to navigate your way through the menus until you see the level selector, click on number 1 to start. Once you have done this you will be presented with a grid. You need to get all the balls off by knocking them into each other so to do this, you must left click and hold, then swipe in the direction you want the ball to go. If it comes into contact with a ball it will knock it off and take its place in it's position. The only rules are you cannot go diagonal, and you cannot move a ball in a direction if there is another ball directly next to it, in that same direction. Good luck! Knock all the balls off to progress.

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