Scrambled Word Game

Scrambled Word Game

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Do you like puzzle games? Scrambled Word is waiting for you. The letters on the screen need to be arranged correctly to form a meaningful word. It is like a lyrical and poetic experience when you find all of the words in the list.

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How to Play Scrambled Word Game

Play with mouse.

How to become a better speller by playing with food

It might sound weird or silly at first, but you can actually become a better speller when you play with food. Especially if you add few fridge letter magnets and put it all together in a fun online puzzle game. Food Jumble is a nice game for kids that is the learning phase of spelling, but it is also a fun activity for other people too.

How Spelling Supports Reading

Many young readers are puzzled by the rules and exceptions of spelling. Research shows that learning to spell and learning to read rely on much of the same underlying knowledge. Much about spelling is puzzling. Our society expects that any educated person can spell, yet literate adults commonly characterize themselves as poor spellers and make spelling mistakes. Many children have trouble spelling, but we do not know how many, or in relation to what standard, because state accountability assessments seldom include a direct measure of spelling competence. Those of us who can spell reasonably well take for granted the role that spelling plays in daily life. In a literate society, conventional spelling is expected and anything beyond a few small errors is equated with ignorance and incompetence.

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