Scratch Guess Celebrities Game

Scratch Guess Celebrities Game

Scratch Guess Celebrities Game Online - Play Free Fun Word Web Games

How well do you know your celebrities? Scratch the cards, and try to guess them. Scratch as much as you like, but beware of the scratch-o-meter. Scratch smart, and guess smart!

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How to Play Scratch Guess Celebrities Game

Use your mouse to play the game or tap on the screen. This game features over 100 celebrities to guess. You will earn coins with every correct guess, which you can use in the shop to purchase powerups. Powerups include: reveal picture, reveal letter, and remove letter.

Celebrities named Kriss or Chris

There are 3 three famous people in the USA named Kriss they are Kriss Kristofferson (actor/singer/songwriter), Kriss Jenner (reality TV star and Kim Kardashian mother), and Kriss Allen (won 8th season of American idol). There are about 350,000 people with the first name Chris or Kriss in the USA. Statistically it is the 178th most popular first name, and about 90% of these are male. Sometimes also people named Kristian, Christine, Kristoffer or Kristen goes by the the nick name Kriss or Christ, if we add those numbers up, it turns out it is one of the 10 most popular names in the United States. There are even at least 10 people named Kriss Kringle in the USA.

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