Classic Uno Game

Classic Uno Game

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Play a fun and addicting virtual version of the fast-paced, family-friendly card game Uno. This html5 gmae captures all the chaos and drama of the real-life version of Uno as you take on two computer-controlled opponents in a race to get rid of all of your cards. For those unfamiliar with Uno, it's a color-coordinated, matching-based card game of chance. You and your opponents begin with 7 random cards each, and must try to get rid of them by matching their color or number with the card on top of the 'Discard' pile in the center of the play zone. However, as well as normal numbered cards, there are also all kinds of wacky 'Wild' and 'Action' cards which shake up the game play. If you're a fan of Uno, and have enjoyed playing it with friends or family before, you should relish the opportunity to tackle this awesome online version. The rules and game play are exactly the same – so expect dozens of twists and turns as players race to empty their hand while attempting to thwart opponents with well-placed Wild cards. Have fun!

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How to Play Classic Uno Game

Played with the mouse.

Wild and Action Cards in the Classic Uno game

In addition to the numbered cards, there's a range of Wild and Action cards that introduce unique twists to the standard gameplay:

  • Reverse: This switches the direction of play from clockwise to counterclockwise, and vice versa.
  • Skip: The next player in line to go is skipped.
  • Draw Two: The following player skips a turn and must draw two cards from the main deck.
  • Wild: The player who plays this card designates the color that must be matched from that moment onward (Click on Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow if you play this card).
  • Wild Draw 4: The player who plays this card selects the color that must be matched going forward, and the subsequent player in the sequence is obliged to draw 4 cards from the main deck.

If none of the cards in your hand match the color or number, and you lack any available Wild Cards, your next move is to draw a card from the main deck. To do this, simply click on the blue button located to the left of the Discard pile. If the drawn card is playable, you can immediately place it down. However, if it doesn't match, your turn transitions to the next player. When you're down to just one card, it's crucial to declare it by clicking on the 'Uno' button in the game screen's lower-left corner. Failing to do so incurs a penalty, resulting in you skipping your next turn and drawing two cards from the main deck. It stings!

Classic Uno Card Game Winning Strategy

While luck plays a big part in Uno, you can boost your odds of winning by being aware and strategic. Pay attention to your opponents' card counts. If someone's down to just one card (Uno), consider using a 'Skip' or 'Reverse' card to disrupt their plans. And don't forget, smart use of your Wild and Action cards can make a big difference!

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