Neon Checkers Game

Neon Checkers Game

Neon Checkers Game Online - Play Free Fun Checkers Board Games

Try to beat a very clever computer opponent in this free online checkers game with neon graphics. It is the pink pieces against the blue. This fun online game is a traditional checkers game with neon theme. Simple play, funny experience. Enjoy!

11,105 play times

How to Play Neon Checkers Game

Use your mouse to play this free online game. Jump over the opponent pieces to eliminate them and cross to board to get a space on the rival's side.

Why are they called Neon colors?

Neon lights were named for neon, a noble gas which gives off a popular orange light, but other gases and chemicals are used to produce other colors, such as hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), and mercury (blue). Neon colors are unusually bright because the color converts some of the incident ultraviolet light that is invisible to humans into visible light. Most neon colors will glow in the dark underneath black lights. The most common colors to use are fluorescent orange, green, yellow and pink. Keep in mind that even though objects are neon colored not all materials will glow in the dark.

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