Garfield Checkers Game

Garfield Checkers Game

Garfield Checkers Game Online - Play Free Fun Checkers Board Games

You love Garfield and his friends? Then the fun web game of Garfield Checkers is just right for you. In this free online game, one player has their red pieces on their end of the board, and the other player has the black pieces at the end of their board. Both of you will throw dice and depending on the number you get, you can move that many spots. Reach the end of enemy's board and your piece will have ability to eat backwards. Your goal will be to get your pieces on the end of the other one's board and eliminate all or almost all of his pieces to win. Enjoy playing Checkers in Garfield's cartoon theme.

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How to Play Garfield Checkers Game

Use your mouse to interact and move piece.

Why does Garfield Love Lasagna and Hate Mondays

Garfield is the world's most widely syndicated comic strip, with dozens of record-breaking best-selling books, plus award-winning animated television series and specials and more than 400 licensed products including everything from toys, games, backpacks, and costumes to bedding, credit cards, and diapers. According to the Garfield Wiki lasagna is Garfield's favorite food. He announced that in July 15th of 1978, where Garfield described lasagna as nature's most perfect food. The reason why he find this food especially yummy is that he was born in an Italian restaurant named Mama Leoni's, and as a kitten he grew up around this tasty dish. So, why does Garfield hate Mondays? Well, he doesn't have a job, doesn't go to school and every day is the same. Nevertheless every Monday is just a reminder that his life is the same old, same old cycling again. Also for some reason even though his life is pretty much the same every day on Mondays specifically, awful things tend to happen to him physically.

Some Cool Facts About the Origin of Garfield

It all started with Gnorm Gnat in the 1970s, it was a comic strip authored by artist Jim Davis. Gnorm Gnat was met with very little success. One editor said that his art was good, his gags were great, but nobody can identify with bugs. Davis took his advice and created a new strip with a cat as its main character. The strip originally consisted of four main characters. Garfield, the titular character, was based on the cats Davis was around growing up; he took his name and personality from Davis's grandfather James A. Garfield Davis, who was, in Davis's words, a large cantankerous man. Jon Arbuckle came from a coffee commercial from the 1950s, and Odie was based on a car dealership commercial written by Jim Davis, which featured Odie the Village Idiot. Garfield quickly became a commercial success. In 1981, less than three years after its release, the strip appeared in 850 newspapers. By 2002, Garfield became the world's most syndicated comic strip, appearing in 2,570 newspapers with 263 million readers worldwide; by 2004, Garfield appeared in nearly 2,600 newspapers. While retaining creative control and being the only signer, Davis now only writes and usually does the rough sketches. Since the late 1990's most of the work has been done by long-time assistants Brett Koth and Gary Barker. Inking and coloring work is done by other artists while Davis spends most of the time supervising production and merchandising of his characters.

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