Crossword for Kids Game

Crossword for Kids Game

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The solution of crossword puzzles develops thinking, broadens the mind, promotes concentration, in general, what can I say - this is a useful pastime and at the same time enjoyable. It is better to train your brains from childhood, so we offer Crossword Kids for all kids - a special crossword puzzle. It is different from those that are adults and so interesting. Before you are three open books, on their pages are numbers in a chaotic order. You must find numbers that do not repeat. As soon as you find it, click on the number and the star will appear. Have Fun!

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How to Play Crossword for Kids Game

Use your mouse to play the game or tap on the screen.

Why Crossword is good for your Brain

Studies have shown that doing crossword puzzles can keep the brain sharp, and even help prevent Alzheimer's. The concern is to avoid falling into a mental rut, by always doing the same type of crossword puzzles edited by the same person, over and over again. New and varied mental challenges are key to successful brain exercise. Crossword puzzles challenge the language and memory areas of your brain, which is some of the key areas for keeping an active and healthy brain.

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