Mahjong Grand Master Game

Mahjong Grand Master Game

Mahjong Grand Master Game Online - Play Free Mahjong Board Games

This is a classic mahjong game with some additional and very useful features like shuffle, hint, highlight and most importantly, level editor! The gameplay is exactly like classic mahjong game and this particular fun game gives you the opportunity to select the layout that you would like from pre-made templates. Have fun!

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How to Play Mahjong Grand Master Game

Use mouse or touch pad to play this fun game.

A game that one would recommend for Aristocracy

The history of mahjong has made it a game that one would recommend for aristocracy, but this is not the case. Although in ancient China, the game was kept for the high and mighty, events soon overcame this tradition. People started playing the game hidden in dens and even though the authorities tried to stop the proliferation of the game amongst the masses, they did not prevail. The fun game then went across the oceans into the Western countries where it was an instant hit. Due to the watering down of the original rules, the game soon became mundane; however the solitaire version soon became an online hit. There are so many versions that you can never finish them all. Keep on looking for challenging free online mahjong games and you will never spend a single boring moment when you are alone. Mahjong is a fun game that will set your mind at ease, and also increase your mental and visual abilities. Puzzle games stimulate the brain, and just as a muscle becomes more able after exercise, so does the brain. Play some Mahjong Tower and go through all the tower layouts provided and you will surely be a nimble mental athlete.

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