Sports Mahjong Game

Sports Mahjong Game

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The game of Mahjong was developed by the ancient Chinese and has been played there for hundreds of years. Every child knows it. Sports Mahjong is a simplified version of the classic Mahjong game with Sport theme. You can eliminate pair of similar items. You can select only those pairs which have at least 2 adjacent sides open. For this web game, you need concentration as well as patience, which is clearly better suited to the Chinese than us Americans, but this web game brings us to accurately reflect as well as to be patient. Mahjong is a bit like the famous card matching game, in which identical pairs of cards have to be revealed. On the playing field, stones are piled up in a certain formation. The stones are partially overlapping and also adjacent to each other. The formation can vary according to the game, there are classic shapes, but also modern forms. It is best if you work your way from the outside inwards, and from top to bottom, for in this way you will come closest to achieving the objective of the online game. After all, the goal is to completely clear away all the stones from the playing field. Have Fun!

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How to Play Sports Mahjong Game

Use mouse or touch screen.

Mahjong recognized as the 255th type of Sport

In 1998, the modern game of Mahjong was officially recognized as the 255th type of sport in China by the State Sports Commission. The rules of this variant are applied at European and World Championships and the European Mahjong Association includes only results of games in their rankings in which these rules were followed. The best European nation is currently France, followed by Denmark and then Holland. As for the best single players, the Frenchman Olivier Boivin is number 1, the Dane Martin Faartoft is ranked at number 2, while Eric Preault from France takes the third place (08/2012).

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